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Industriestrasse 12,
9450 Altstätten,

Phone: +41 71 757 00 00

icotec AG (Switzerland) is an innovative medical device company leading the industry in the development and manufacturing of non-metallic implants made from BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK material. The combination of mechanical strength and non-metallic properties make BlackArmor® ideally suited for the treatment of spinal tumors. Radiation therapy plays an important role in pain management and tumor control and the radiologist relies on accurate CT images to plan the radiation. However, the presence of today’s metal spinal implants causes significant artifact in CT and MRI. This artifact makes it more difficult to delineate the tumor from surrounding tissue and correctly calculate the radiation dose. During radiation therapy, metal spinal implants may shield tumor cells. And during regular follow-up control for recurrences, difficult in areas adjacent to metal implants, BlackArmor® facilitates significantly better diagnostic images (CT + MRI). Implants made from BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK material have a 15 year and 20,000 implantation clinical track record.