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ul. Kozuchowska 41,
PL-65-364 Zielona Gora

Phone: +48 68 321 92 00

LfC founded in 1989 is an innovative bioengineering company, experienced in designing, manufacturing and distribution of unique, high quality, multifunctional spine implants and surgical instruments intended for orthopedic and neurosurgical treatment under the brand “DERO® Spinal System”. It is an interdisciplinary technological and medical approach to up-to-date surgery treatment of the spine dysfunction. DERO® is designed for correction and stabilization of all segments of the spine from anterior and posterior surgical approach, also for long stabilization, interbody fusion and non-fusion devices. It is distributed worldwide, especially in many EU countries. LfC’s current company’s motto “Measuring up to nature... Striving for Excellence” reflects fully the aspiration for delivering of medical technologies closest to perfection. It’s been realized throughout numerous r&d activities. Many of them resulted with innovative solutions and are patented (61 international patents), over 100 patents are pending. DERO® Spinal System is ISO and CE certified.