Current concepts in the management of the elderly spine


Current concepts in the management of the elderly spine

Luis Álvares Galovich, Madrid, Spain



11:00 - Welcome & Course Objectives
L. Álvares Galovich, Madrid Spain


11:05-12:05 - Session 1: Defining elderly. What differences them from the rest?
Moderator: L. Álvares Galovich, Madrid Spain

11:05 - No country for old men. Socio-economical problems of the osteoporotic patient.
J. Pizones, Madrid, Spain

11:20 - Dealing with comorbidities
F. Tome Bermejo, Madrid, Spain

11:35 - Bone changes in the aging spine - technical approaches to optimize fixation in osteoporotic bone
F. Tome Bermejo, Madrid, Spain

11:45 - Q&A - Discussion Session

12:05 - Coffee & BlackBerry Break


12:35-13:40 - Session 2: The state of art in the management of osteoporotic vertebral fractures
Moderator: K. Schnake, Fuerth, Germany

12:35 - Case presentation: Osteoporotic vertebral fracture

12:40 - Cervical fractures in elderly. Is a different entity?
C. Josten, Leipzig, Germany

12:55 - How do I manage osteoporotic vertebral fracture. Is there a place for open surgery?
M. Kleinschmidt, Bern, Switzerland

13:10 - Pelvic Stress Fracture. A underestimated problem?
F. Girardi, New York, USA

13:40 - Lunch


14:40-15:55 - Session 3: Degenerative disease in elderly patients. Strategies and Pitfalls
Moderator: F. Tome Bermejo, Madrid, Spain

14:40 - Case presentation: Degenerative spondylolisthesis

14:55 - Patient expectations. Quality of life in elderly
F. Girardi, New York, USA

15:10 - To fuse or not to fuse. Cost-utility in the treatment of degenerative aging spine
P. Berjano, Milano, Italy

15:25 - Cervical myelopathy. Options of treatment
M. Kleinschmidt, Bern, Switzerland

15:40 - Q&A - Discussion Session

15:55 - Coffe & BlackBerry Break


16:10-17:15 - Session 4: Adult Deformity
Moderator: L. Álvares Galovich, Madrid, Spain

16:10 - Case presentation: Degenerative scoliosis

16:15 - Sagittal plane in elderly. Naturally forward
C. Yilgor, Istanbul, Turkey

16:30 - Expected outcomes in aging degenerative scoliosis
J. Pizones, Madrid, Spain

16:45 - The adjacent level in deformities. A problem to solve
F. Pellisé, Barcelona, Spain

17:00 - Q&A - Discussion Session

17:15 - Summary and Closing Remarks